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Come meet your neighbors with a day of food, fun, and good company.

Welcome to the Fountain Green Block Party!

Who we are!

We are the residents of Fountain Green Drive in Crystal Lake. Every year during the summer we throw a block party for our neighbors. You don't have to be a Fountain Greener to attend though. Typically we ask that you purchase a raffle ticket to participate in the day's events. Find out more about the raffle down below.

Registration for games and events are required. So stop by, meet the neighbors, and have a great time!


Food will be available from 11:30am until it's gone. We serve hotdogs and hamburgers with a variety of sides. Everyone is welcome to bring a dish to help out. More food equals more fun. Water, tea, and soda are also available. We have a BYOB (or any alcoholic drink) policy. Just be safe and responsible.

Charity Raffle

Although it's free to attend and you're not required to donate, we strongly recommend you do. Any profit is donated and distributed to a variety of charities. Four charities are chosen and voted on each year by the Fountain Green residents. We donate the money proportionally to the voting outcomes.

You may purchase any number of raffle tickets. Check out the raffle page for more information. You can purchase raffle tickets there or click on the purchase button at the top of this page.


So besides gorging ourselves on food, what else happens at the block party? We have quite a few activities throughout the day. Check out our list of events. We have activities for all different ages.

Registration is required. This is so we have enough resources, supplies, and space to accommodate all the participants.