Hi, my name is Brian Veitch

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About Me

I'm a mobile app and web developer, teacher, and the occasional YouTuber. And I love to solve problems. For the last 14 years, I have been teaching college mathematics at Northern Illinois University while teaching myself app and web development. Most of my programs or websites were created to solve a problem, assist my students, or just for fun. Besides the numerous YouTube videos, Udemy, and LinkedIn Learning, I'm working on my mobile app design and development degree.


Santa Diary (in development)


Santa Diary is a christmas themed app that helps promote journaling, reflection, and self-regulation. Each day the child is asked one or two simple but important questions like

  1. What was one thing that made you smile today?
  2. Tell me something that happened today that made you upset? How did you react?
  3. What was one thing you learned today?

It's a way of processing a variety of their emotions and reactions. After the child completes a certain number of questions within a category, they will receive a letter from a Christmas Elf. This letter is customized by the parent/guardian to include specific details about that child. It's all about making the child feel heard and giving meaningful feedback.

They can also write and receive letters from Santa and check if they are on the nice or naughty list. All of this feedback is customized by the parent/guardian within the app.

Technology Used:

Xcode, Swift, Google Realtime Database, Cocoapods

Row Reduction (published)


I found that my students struggled with solving systems of equations. One of the major drawbacks to row reduction (Gauss Jordan Elimination) is you have to keep track of a page full of tedious calculations AND choose the correct row operations. When you first learn this technique it's hard to do both correctly.

So I built an iOS application that still allowed the student to practice the row reduction techniques without having to write down all the matrices. The user is able to practice, make mistakes, and get hints.

How's this different from online row reduction calculators? My app allows the student to enter the operations themselves. Most online calculators will just display the operations. My app will let you make mistakes, undo those mistakes, and get hints. It lets you get things wrong so that you can learn from your mistakes.

Technology Used:

Xcode, Swift, KeyChain, In-app Purchases

Simplex Method (published)


The Simplex Method app solves standard max and min, as well as non-standard, optimization problems. One of the major drawbacks to the Simplex Method is you have to keep track of a page full of tedious calculations AND choose the correct row operations. When you first learn this technique it's hard to do both correctly.

The Simplex Method involves following a long decision tree that will lead you to the initial Simplex Table. This app walks you through the set up and creates the initial table. From there you can either use the method on your own or have it help you through Hints. Choose the operation and the app will generate the new table for you. You get to focus solely on practicing and experimenting.

Because the Simplex Method is more complicated than simple row reduction, I programmed it to not allow the user to make certain mistakes. Choosing the hint option will explain to the student how to do it.

Technology Used:

Xcode, Swift, Keychain, In-app Purchases

Lights Out


One day a student of mine asked "When does anyone ever use this?" Instead of giving the standard business examples, I decided to find a simple game that uses a large system of equations to generate a solution. That simple game is Lights Out.

Lights out is a game where you try to turn off all the lights by pressing one light at a time. However, pressing one of the lights will toggle that light on/off as well as all adjacent lights.

I had two goals for this project. First, I wanted to practice my Javascript skills by making a fun game. Second, I wanted to create a game where I can write an algorithm to automatically solve it. When the solution button is pressed, a dot will indicate which button needs to be pressed.

At any time, the user can press the solution button. I wrote a script that solves a LARGE system of equations to show which lights need to be pressed. The reason I couldn't use existing code to solve the system was the coefficients were calculated mod 2.

Technology Used:

Phaser Framework, Javascript, HTML

Encryption / Decryption Tools


I used Bootstrap for the frontend and Javascript to create the encryption / decryption apps. I wanted to create a tutorial site to accompany my cryptography code.

I wrote tutorials for monoalphabetic ciphers (keyword, substitution, and shift) and one for the polyalphabetic Vigenere Cipher. The tutorials explain how the cipher works and gives an example. The user can then use the cipher app to encrypt / decrypt messages.

Frequency analysis is the most common way of solving a monoalphabetic cipher. I have a tutorial to show the user how to use the frequency analysis app.

Technology Used:

Bootstrap, Javascript, HTML, SASS

Extreme TicTacToe


After I made a few smaller games, I tried my hand at Extreme TicTacToe. It builds on top of the regular tictactoe logic. But this game takes it one step further and makes you play 9 different tictactoe boards at the same time.

When a player places their mark (X or O) on one of the smaller boards, the location of their mark dictates which board the opponent must play. For example, if my opponent places an X on the center square of one of the smaller boards, I must now play the center board on the larger tictactoe board. Fortunately, it's much easier to understand by just playing the game. Give it a try!

I did program a computer player but the AI is very weak. It has no strategy besides just picking a square that immediately wins it the smaller board. If you want to try it out, it's best to start with the 2-player game.

Technology Used:

Phaser Framework, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Block Party Website


One of my class assignments was to create an event website. I decided to create one for a block party. Besides the standard HTML, CSS, SASS, I used a little Javacript script for a count down timer.

I designed the site using Figma.

Technology Used:

HTML, CSS, SASS, Javascript

Janky's Bar and Grill


This was another class assignment. I was asked to create a site for a restaurant.

Technology Used:

HTML, CSS, SASS, Javascript


McHenry County College
2021 - Present

Associates in Applied Sciences

Mobile App Design and Development

Northern Illinois University
2006 - 2007

Master of Science

Pure Mathematics

Northern Illinois University
2002 - 2006

Bachelor of Science

General Mathematics

After I got my bachlors and masters degree, I started teaching college mathematics. Throughout the years, I dabbled in Web design and programming. If one of my classroom problems could be solved using an app, I tried to make one. Most of those projects are listed above. In 2021, I started taking classes for a degree in Mobile App Design and Development, as well as classes to earn a web certificate. I've also worked through Udemy and LinkedIn Learning courses (see list below) and countless YouTube videos.

  • Udemy

    • iOS & Swift - The Complete App Development Bootcamp by Dr. Angela Yu
    • Android Java Masterclass - Become an App Developer by Tim Buchalka
  • LinkedIn Learning

    • React.js Essential Training by Eve Porcello

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