About Me

My name is Brian Veitch. I'm a math instructor at Northern Illinois University, director of the calculus tutoring center, and a web programmer.

I've been teaching math at NIU since 2007. I started with teaching algebra classes and a core compentency course. Recently I've been spending more time with calculus I and II.

My hobbies include running, board games, and programming. If I'm not doing one of these, I'm spending time with my wife and dogs (probably running or playing board games).

Contact Info

Work Email: veitch@math.niu.edu
Other Email: bveitch@niu.edu
Work Phone: 815-753-6732
Office: Watson 329
Tutoring Center: DU 326
Work Schedule: Click here

More About Me

I focus a lot more of my website time on incorporating PHP with mysql, ajax, Jquery and JavaScript into my sites. With updating my sites so often, it is a great way to practice. Play my programmed version of the classic game Lights Out. Most don't know it, but you can generate a solution by using linear algebra! If you're interested, stop by.

Check out my web programming to see my recent projects. With my recent work on Quccu.com, I pretty much use everything I've ever learned with web development.

  • PHP from scratch.
  • Codeigniter
  • Using mysql databases
  • Ajax
  • Jquery (pretty frontend interactive stuff)
  • Created Login and Registrations for a website community
  • A system similar to Facebook friend requests
  • And much much more...