About Me

My name is Brian Veitch. I'm a math instructor at Northern Illinois University, director of the calculus tutoring center, and a web programmer.

I've been teaching math at NIU since 2007. I started with teaching algebra classes and a core compentency course. Recently I've been spending more time with calculus I and II. Since I became director the calculus tutoring center, I teach mostly calculus courses now.

I'm a runner. I finished two half marathons this summer with a 5k around November. I have quite a few planned for 2014. If I'm not teaching or running, I'm spending time with my wife and two dogs.

Contact Info

Work Email: veitch@math.niu.edu
Other Email: bveitch@niu.edu
Work Phone: 815-753-6732
Office: Watson 329
Tutoring Center: DU 326
Work Schedule: Click here

More About Me

I focus a lot more of my website time on incorporating PHP with mysql, ajax, Jquery and JavaScript into my sites. With updating my sites so often, it is a great way to practice. Play my newly programmed version of the classic game Lights Out. Most don't know it, but you can generate a solution by using linear algebra! If you're interested, stop by.

Check out my web programming to see my recent projects. With my recent work on Quccu.com, I pretty much use everything I've ever learned with web development.

  • PHP from scratch.
  • Codeigniter
  • Using mysql databases
  • Ajax (so I can update pages without refreshing)
  • Jquery (pretty frontend interactive stuff)
  • Created Login and Registrations for a website community
  • A system similar to Facebook friend requests
  • And much much more...