Welcome to Santa Diary!

journaling, reflection, self-regulation


Thanks for checking out my Santa Diary app. It is currently in production and I anticipate it going live in late Spring.

Santa Diary is a christmas themed app that helps promote journaling, reflection, and self-regulation. Each day the child is asked one or two simple but important questions like

  1. What was one thing that made you smile today?
  2. Tell me something that happened today that made you upset? How did you react?
  3. What was one thing you learned today?

It's a way of processing a variety of their emotions and reactions. After the child completes a certain number of questions within a category, they will receive a letter from a Christmas Elf. This letter is customized by the parent/guardian to include specific details about that child. It's all about making the child feel heard and giving meaningful feedback.

They can also write and receive letters from Santa and check if they are on the nice or naughty list. All of this feedback is customized by the parent/guardian within a password protected area of the app.

Happy Learning!

Santa Diary

A selection of screenshots


What I learned...

Oh so much!

My app involves data storage (using the Filemanager) and so many tableviews. I learned how to customize tableview cells, create collection views, and build data structures for all my constants. I used cocoapods to include some third party code.

What was hard

I'm working hard on figuring out how and when to display certain information. I always need to look at this app from the child's point of view. What kind of questions should I ask? What does research say is good for a child to reflect on? What to include in the app to keep the child engaged? I added a couple simple animations and my kid will trigger it for 20 minutes.


I just started working on database integration. I've designed the app to work locally on your phone using the Filemanager. But in order for the app to work on multiple devices (maybe even the web!), I need to add a feature that lets all the app data sync with an online database. That way the child can access their diary from any device.

Privacy Policy

To be determined...